New paper on Siberian Ancestry in Northeastern Europe is out

Illustration by Kerttu Majander.

Our new paper on Siberian Ancestry in Fennoscandia is out today! For this study, my group worked together with Colleagues from the University of Helsinki, and analyzed the first ancient DNA from mainland Finland. As described in the article, we extracted ancient DNA from bones and teeth from a 3,500 year-old burial on the Kola Peninsula, Russia, and a 1,500 year-old water burial in Finland. We found the earliest evidence of Siberian ancestry in Fennoscandia in a population inhabiting Kola Peninsula, in Northwestern Russia, dating to around 4,000 years ago. This genetic ancestry then later spread to populations living in Finland. We also found that people genetically similar to present-day Saami people inhabited areas in much more southern parts of Finland than the Saami today.